Welfare treatment

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Welfare treatment

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Introducing talents through wide channels

We have established a full range of channels for recruitment, talent search, and headhunting, and introduced talents nationwide.


Eclectic use of talent

Adhere to the talent policy of “gathering talents and enterprises, and prospering people”, and creating a working atmosphere of “capable people, flat people, and mediocrity”, through post-training, career planning, performance appraisal, etc. A team of professional managers with practical, creative and learning styles has been established. The proportion of professional managers in the company's management has reached more than 80%.


Nurturing talents in multiple ways

According to the different career planning and cultivation needs of employees, talents are trained in a targeted manner.


Meet the need to motivate talent

According to the characteristics of different groups, we adopt a diversified incentive mechanism to let employees share the fruits of enterprise development.


Emotional input to retain talent

Organize employees to carry out colorful activities and actively build up the emotional bridge between enterprises and employees.