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Ultrafiltration membrane filtration equipment

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The ultrafiltration membrane is a screening process related to the pore size of the membrane. The pressure difference between the membranes is used as the driving force, and the ultrafiltration membrane is used as the filter medium. Under a certain pressure, when the raw liquid flows through the membrane surface, the ultrafiltration Many fine pores densely covered on the surface of the membrane allow only water and small molecules to pass through and become permeate, while substances in the original solution having a volume larger than the micropore of the membrane surface are trapped on the liquid inlet side of the membrane and become a concentrated liquid. The purpose of purifying, separating and concentrating the stock solution.


As one of the six high-techs in the 21st century, ultrafiltration membrane separation technology has become a standard of separation process with its remarkable characteristics of normal temperature, low pressure operation, no phase change and low energy consumption. It has been obtained in developed countries and regions such as Europe and America. Extensive use.


Our company has introduced advanced membrane separation technology to produce ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis equipment, which has been widely used in various fields of life production.

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