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Iron and manganese removal equipment

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China has abundant groundwater sources, but some groundwater contains iron and manganese, which is not suitable for domestic drinking water or industrial water.


Excess iron and manganese in water are not only bad for people's health, but also cause great harm to industrial production. For example, textile, paper, printing and dyeing, white powder and film industries, if the water containing iron and manganese is used as washing water, or added to the raw materials during the production process, it will reduce the whiteness and luster of the product, affecting the color vividness, and further It will also affect the operation of production equipment; if the food and brewing industry use water with high iron and manganese as raw materials, it will seriously affect the color, fragrance and taste of the product; in boiler water, iron is the component that generates scale and pipe mud. 1. In the circulating cooling water, the precipitate of iron and manganese will adhere to the heat exchanger and the pipe wall, affecting the heat transfer effect, and some will cause the iron bacteria to multiply, accelerate the corrosion of the metal, and block the pipeline; In water, iron and manganese deposit on the electrode, reducing its conductivity and so on.


The iron and manganese removal equipment is a new generation of iron and manganese removal series newly developed by our company. Our company can formulate corresponding treatment process according to the specific conditions of water quality.


Installation requirements:


This series of iron and manganese removal equipment can be installed outdoors, and should be installed indoors in the cold area and take appropriate antifreeze measures.


The iron and manganese removal equipment shall be placed on the concrete foundation, the foundation shall be slightly higher than the floor, the foundation shall be leveled, and the bottom of the device and the contact part of the foundation shall be coated with asphalt for corrosion protection.


The drain pipe and the vent pipe shall be connected to the lower drain when installing.

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