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FRP septic tank

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Product introduction:


This product is developed with advanced technology and is suitable for domestic sewage treatment equipment in residential quarters, office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, military barracks, public toilets, community municipal renovation, etc., and wastewater treatment of food processing enterprises.




Easy to install: quick installation, short construction period, and can be put into use on the same day.


Strong corrosion resistance and pressure resistance: acid resistance, alkali resistance, aging resistance, long service life; high compressive strength of the shell wave, generally can carry more than 10 tons of vehicles.


Small footprint: The product structure is compact and the pipeline does not need to be buried deeply, which fully saves construction cost and flexible choice of site.


Light weight and easy to transport.


Working principle:


The FRP septic tank uses the principle of sedimentation and anaerobic fermentation to remove a large amount of feces, paper scraps, pathogens and other magazines in the domestic sewage, and decomposes the suspended solids in the sewage level to achieve the effect of sweat purification treatment.

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