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YK-type intelligent water plant is called the grid advection pressure-type integrated water purification plant, which is specially developed for township-level water plants. At present, it is a relatively advanced one-type computer-integrated water purification plant in China. The daily water treatment capacity is 1000-15,000 tons. It is the only domestically produced township level, and its factory water quality is higher or better than the national (GB20O6-5749) standard.


YK-type intelligent water plant is controlled by PLC computer. The operation process is automatically processed by computer for water quality, disinfection, filtration speed, equipment operation, etc., without manual assistance. In addition, there is an output terminal in the PLC terminal, which can see the operation of the water plant on ordinary computers and smart phones. Users can learn about the real-time operation of the water plant and the water quality status online, and it is equipped with an image monitoring screen, which is more convenient for users.


YK intelligent water plant aeration and precipitation unit uses a unique water aerator. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the raw water is high, and the iron and manganese metal ions in the water are oxidized rapidly and thoroughly, and the precipitation effect is good.


The filter unit uses a composite molecular sieve filter material, which has a large specific surface area, adsorbs polar substances, has a small specific gravity, is not squashed, and is easy to be washed, so that the effluent water quality is excellent and stable.


The whole process of filtration, backwashing and flushing of purified water can be adjusted according to different water quality to realize fully automatic operation of the equipment.


The system is sterilized and sterilized by metering pump. The operation is simple, easy to maintain, and the killing is rapid and thorough.


The whole set of equipment is fully enclosed to avoid the influence of human factors and ensure the safety of water supply quality.


The YK-type intelligent water purifier handles 10 to 2,000 tons of water per day, and has improved the water quality of Fujian. The current foreign-used FRP lining E-tank is more environmentally friendly.


The corresponding composite molecular sieve filter material is added for various water quality, and the advanced micro-computer control system automatic processing technology is adopted, and the product is automatically processed in the water production process. No manual assistance is required to ensure that the factory water quality meets national standards.



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