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Stainless steel water tank

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Stainless steel water tank features:


First, no rust


The water tank material is made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel or stainless steel made of SUS444 water tank. It is non-polluting, corrosion-resistant wall, and does not breed algae inside to ensure clean water.


Second, scientific and reasonable internal support structure


The stainless steel ribs with even distribution inside make it evenly stressed, never deform, high strength, good sealing and prevent secondary pollution of water quality.


Third, the appearance is beautiful


Smooth lines, good three-dimensionality, unique shape, perfect design.


Fourth, no leakage


Unique design, standard plate made of high-strength stamping process, on-site full-melting tungsten argon arc welding, never leaking.


Five, light weight


Six, easy to install


The tank volume can be any combination of length, width and height according to the needs of the user. The molding module is welded and formed at the water tank setting place, and no special requirements are required at the installation site. Each type of water tank is reserved for the inlet and outlet, and the wire of the sewage outlet, which can be installed in a short time.


Seven, a wide range of uses


Stainless steel water tank is suitable for cold water storage tanks for residential houses, high-rise buildings, hotels, enterprises and institutions, and liquid storage containers for food chemical industry and environmental protection industry.

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