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Water plant water purification equipment

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The water purifier is a domestic drinking water purification equipment designed and manufactured by our company in consideration of the user's use requirements. The utility model has the advantages of high processing efficiency, convenient management, low material consumption, no power supply, stable performance, no noise, simple operation and long service life.


The water purifier adopts high-quality stainless steel plate, comprehensively combines the water purification process such as drug injection, reaction, filtration, sedimentation, automatic backwashing and disinfection, and can conveniently purify the surface water, and the treatment effect can meet the national sanitary standard of drinking water. (Drinking drinking water required by GB5749-2006).


The water purifier can also be configured with an automatic full water device according to the user's needs. When the clear water is full, the device automatically shuts off the water in the device, and has the function of saving water and medicine.


Scope of application:


The water purifier is suitable for Class I, Class II surface water sources, and the raw water turbidity is less than 1500 NTU. The effluent turbidity can reach the national drinking water standard. It is suitable for the purification treatment of drinking water in rural areas, townships, small and medium-sized enterprises, military camps, schools, farms, etc. and the purification treatment of water plants.


Process principle:



After the above process, the effluent can meet the requirements of GB5749-2006 “Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water”.

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