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Ultrafiltration membrane filtration equipment

概述: 超滤膜是一种与膜孔径大小相关的筛分过程,以膜两侧的压力差为驱动力,以超滤膜为过滤介质,在一定压力下,当原液流过膜表面时,超滤膜表面密布的许多细小的微孔只允许水及小分子物质通过而成为透过液,而原液中体积大于膜表面微孔径的物质则被截留在膜的进液侧,成为浓缩液,因而实现对原液的净化、分离和浓缩的目的。 超滤膜分离技术作为二十一世纪六大高新技术之一,以其常温、低压操作、无相变、能耗低等显著特点成为

Summary: Focus on water purification treatment technology and complete sets of equipment standardization, hospital sewage, domestic sewage treatment technology, the company's independent research and development

Keywords: intelligent integrated sewage equipment

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Keywords: intelligent integrated sewage equipment, intelligent combination stainless steel water purification equipment, direct drinking machine and so on

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