Yuanke machinery has strong strength, advanced equipment, exquisite craftsmanship and quality assurance

Sheng Bo

Corporate culture

Our Business Philosophy:

Professional team, standardized management, safe production

High-quality products, normalized services, orderly competition 

Our business purpose:

Let the people drink drinking water that meets the standard, and let users discharge harmless purified water

Our slogan:

Let the people drink clean water, and let the earth flow for a long time


Our entrepreneurial spirit

Integrity: the foundation of our existence Innovation: the power of continuous development Mutual aid: Gathering the motivation for growth Responsibility: The value of our business


Our business objectives

Serving users,achieving a win-win situation, and improving the core competitiveness of enterprises is so simple.

KNX  Carbon

Keywords: intelligent integrated sewage equipment, intelligent combination stainless steel water purification equipment, direct drinking machine and so on

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