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Talent acquisition


Attracting people, educating people, employing people, loving people, talent is the company's valuable capital, the company with preferential talent policy, fair competition stage, broad development space and harmonious working atmosphere, constantly attract and retain all kinds of professional talents.

★ Provide competitive salary and benefits, establish a scientific and quantitative employee incentive system, and recruit talents from all over the world.

★ Provide a fair and just evaluation mechanism, so as to make the best use of talent, and help employees realize their self-worth while achieving success in the company.

★ Advocate happy work, help each other, constantly improve the spiritual and cultural pursuit of the enterprise, and create the warmth of home for employees.

Recruitment positions



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Requirements 1. Environmental protection water supply and drainage, electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, mechatronics and other related majors. 2. Experience is not limited. 3. Able to independently design and develop. 4. Proficient in CAD drawing software, etc. 5. The guarantee is 8,000 yuan, five insurances and one housing fund, and the bonus is calculated separately

Business Manager


Requirements 1. Familiar with various positions within the enterprise, familiar with the recruitment process is preferred. 2. Familiar with the performance appraisal system of enterprise personnel and have certain work experience is preferred. 3. Pay attention to image, image requirements are medium or above. 4. Guarantee 5,000 yuan, five insurances and one housing fund, bonus, commission separately
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KNX  Carbon

Keywords: intelligent integrated sewage equipment, intelligent combination stainless steel water purification equipment, direct drinking machine and so on

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